• Aiming to grow and develop basketball for Deaf Communities in England.
  • Recruiting players, coaches and referees, creating a status that makes an appeal for basketball.


  • Inclusive
    • we take pride in welcoming every deaf players and spectators
    • Getting involved with England Deaf Basketball
    • Gender, Race and Disabilities are all welcome
  • Accessibility
    • Making it easier for public to get involved
    • Making it easier to be recruited
    • Deaf awareness for everyone
    • No barrier for deaf players
  • Opportunities
    • Playing in National league
    • Playing at International level
    • Supporting your local club
    • Sponsorships
  • Social media and communication
    • Importance of communication with everyone is essential
    • Creating atmosphere and positive enviroment for everyone
    • Engaging with local Deaf Commiunties in England

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